Park & Ride Kombi-Ticket:

Parking + Public Transportation

The parking garage in Graz - Fölling (Maria Trost outskirts) - offers a P + R combined ticket: This ticket allows parking in the parking garage and the use of public transport in fare zone 101 (= Graz).

Das Kombi-Ticket:

  • as a 24-hour ticket, which is to pull right at the entrance barrier - includes parking and 24 hours all public transport in the tariff zone 101
  • The Kombi-Ticket Price is

    24 hours - GVB and parking garage costs together € 9,-

    It's so easy to get the 24 hours-Kombi-Ticket:

    • enter the parking garage
    • pull combined ticket (applies 24 hours for parking and as a ticket in zone 101) at the barrier

    • park

    • Get in the bus directly at the parking garage and drive comfortably into the city
    • back to the parking garage, introduce ticket and insert money in cashier machine

    • Parking garage left comfortably

    GVB 24 hour ticket each additional person € 5,50

    The bus stops right after the roundabout. There you also solve other tickets.