Rules for pet ownership on land

Entering the club facilities with pets is possible only with special permission the association line , or with the authorization of one of the club line appointee , allowed.

For dogs a valid dog must - liability insurance exist.

Dogs must be kept on leash only . The canvas has adapted to be that the dog is the dog handler in the immediate vicinity . Playing or walking the dog or playing dogs with each other is not allowed in the whole area of the site.

During the stay on grounds Dogs are in the immediate vicinity of Caravan ( mobile home , cabin ... ) lead , in the field of private plot or footprint , or within the O.A. Places to guard so that can pass other users of the land unmolested and unharmed . A temporary placement in the vehicle at the car park is possible , if this has a suitable device and an observation is guaranteed by the dog owner.

When entering and leaving the premises is the shortest route to and from To choose stand, which is possible without bothering other site users.

A " Walking The Dog " must be carried out exclusively outside the club facilities. dog feces also collect Offsite by suitable means and dispose of. If even " something happen " within the exhibition grounds are solid precipitates forthwith clear away and wash away liquid waste with water.

Staying with dogs in the canteen (except dog of the canteen operators),
in the area of the pool and in the Area of the sanitary house is not permitted.

Barking a nuisance to other land users through permanent, whine and like is to be avoided and if necessary to stop immediately.

These rules apply even out of season and after good faith to comply. Violations O.A. Points can result in immediate confiscation of " Exemption from the pet ban " entail.

Stand 01.2017