Get out of the clothes and into freedom

Naturists are closer to paradise!
This is practically in front of the front door

If the weather permits, we will stay naked on our premises.
Everybody is the same, no status and no title counts. That is why we are on first-name term!
Nobody needs to hide, it's everyone as God created him and no matter whether a few pounds too much or anything else - Naked you feel comfortable!
The nature elements are savored without disturbing textiles on the skin.

Come into the green paradise, let stress and tension in front of the gate.
With us you can relax and wind down, far away from everyday life.

Enjoy the unspoilt nature, look at the bees at work, let the soul dangle or read a book.
Cool off in our pool and when you are thirsty and hungry, you can feast in our canteen.


Why should you look behind the gate?
14 Reasons for a visit to our naturist place

  1. Find out if our promises are true
  2. Try swimming without a bathing suit
  3. A completely new, free body feeling
  4. Remember that the slogan "as in paradise - is only much closer"
    is true and is not exaggerated
  5. Do something for health
  6. get to know new, uncomplicated people
  7. Maintaining the holiday also in the home country
  8. Stays to the own body and realize that it does not need a model
  9. body satisfaction of curiosity
  10. Drop the normal daily stress for a few hours and forget about it
  11. Exercise a bit physically and sportily, without disturbing textiles on the body
  12. Keep the strip-free holiday tanning at home as long as possible
  13. Sun, air and water are better for our body than any solarium
  14. Persönlich feststellen, dass nichts “schmutziges” auf dem Gelände passiert

Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature. It is expressed in the communal nakedness, combined with high self-respect and respect to the environment. (OENV)