Freie Menschen Graz

Gemeinschaft für Freikörperkultur
A-8063 Eggersdorf
Volkersdorferstraße 48

Handy: +43 (0)664 4104215

E-Mail: info [at] naturismus-graz [dot] at

Chairman: obmann [at] naturismus-graz [dot] at


Where to find us:

  • Federal highway B72 a indication then over the dirt road and the bridge bend, after it right toward Eggersdorf, after approx. 2 km left, there stand.
  • Coming from track village, by Eggersdorf through and to Volkersdorf the indication, the dirt road goes off approx. 200 meters to follow and over the bridge right on the right of a dirt road, there is.
for Navigation: Weather where we are:

47° 08 ´15 " N

15° 34´03" E



Freie Menschen Graz

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